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Channel Letter Sign | 3-7 Days Production 5 Year Warranty | San Antonio

3-8 Days Production. 5 Year Warranty. Fastest Turn-Around.

Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Buy Your Next Sign From Us:

1. Fastest Turn-around in San Antonio, Texas.

2. Best Warranty.

3. Guarantee Highest-Quality Sign.

4. Best Value.

5. In-House Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing.

6. State-of-the-art Sign Making Equipment.

7. Locally Owned & Operated, Our 20,000 Sq.Ft. Manufacturing Facility is Located in San Antonio.

8. Extensive Knowledge of The City Sign Code and the Landlord and Architect Requirements.

9. Titan Sign Company is a Full-Service Sign & Company Licensed by The State of Texas.

10. Best Customer Service!

Titan Sign Company is doing it again!

We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art sign making machinery, manufacturing processes and personnel so we can deliver the highest-quality sign in a timely manner.

By keeping 100% of design, engineering and production in-house, we can guarantee your sign will meet all City Codes, Landlord Requirements and Architect’s Specifications.

Furthermore, because our production is streamlined and we’re not waiting on outsourced vendors, we can meet your deadline and eliminate additional cost.

All of this translates into higher quality sign at a cost savings to you.

Custom Channel Letter Sign Types Offered by Titan Sign Company in San Antonio, TX


Front lit channel letters are the most common type of channel letter signs. If designed and engineered properly, Front lit channel letter sign can have a huge impact on drawing attention to your business during the day & night.

Front lit channel letter signs are typically internally illuminated with LED or Neon lights. This face of the channel letter sign is made of translucent acrylic. You can also apply 3M translucent vinyl or digitally printed face to give it an extra pop!

Front Lit Channel Letters are Typically Raceway, wire-way or flush mounted.


Business and landlords love channel letter signs with contour backer because it can create a great look for the business and the shopping center.

We can use contour backer to outline the letters with contrasting colors so your sign is more visible against the building background.

Front-lit Channel Letter Signs are Raceway mounted.


Reverse-lit Channel Letters Sign has a “halo” illumination around each individual letters or characters. If designed and mounted correctly,

Stand-off mounted. Typically 3″ off the

channel letters sign making machines

Trim Cap: Many Color Options

Trim cap is the plastic molding that affixes the acrylic channel letter face to the return. Trim cap is available in a wide assortment of colors to help you customize the appearance of your letter set. Titan Sign Company uses the Jewelite® trim cap product. Standard & Non-standard colors can be custom painted if needed. Please contact us with questions.

Channel Letters Sign Making Machines

Acrylic Face: Many Color Options

Acrylic is a translucent plastic material used for the front (or face) of a channel letter sign.

This sturdy material is similar to glass but is stronger, lighter and more impact resistant. Acrylic offers an excellent color selection to customize the appearance of a channel letter set. Acrylic is a long lasting material, and maintains a clean and bright appearance even in harsh climate conditions.

Channel Letters Sign Making Machines

Digitally Printed Face

Truly Unique Option

Titan Sign Company has the equipment to apply a full color digitally printed face or print directly on the acrylic. (DTS – direct to print on substrate)

Channel Letters Sign Making Machines

Returns (Side): Many Color options

The side of a channel letter. Returns are commonly constructed of aluminum, and range from 3″ to 6″ deep.

Channel Letters Sign Making Machines

Polycarboate (Lexan) Back

A protective plastic piece cut to the same shape as a reverse channel letter and attached to seal the back. This prevents rainwater entry and also keeps animals from nesting inside the letter. Polycarbonate backs also provide mounting surfaces for neon tube supports

Channel Letters Sign Making Machines

UL Approved and Certified

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization. UL approval means that all sign components meet UL standards for electrical safety.

Why us?

We got the tools

We manufacture everything in-house. So you can be assured we’ll build a very dependable sign in a timely manner.

Certified Experience

Bonded, insured and licensed in State of Texas. In-house Master Electrician and Certified Installers.

Competitive Pricing

Titan Sign Company manufactures highest quality custom signs at the lowest cost and pass the savings on to our customers!

You’re Covered.

5 Year Guarantee on all LED signs.


We can design a truly unique sign for you!


The signage professionals at Titan Sign Company will take care of site surveys and all zoning and building permitting to assure your custom signage is created, manufactured, and installed in compliance with all regulations.

Multicam CNC Router
Channel Letters Sign Making Machines

We Manufacture Highest-Quality Channel Letter Signs

Titan Sign Company designs & manufactures channel letter signs for all types of businesses. We illuminate our channel letters with bright SAMSUNG LED or neon lighting with an unlimited variety of type face designs. Let us create a high-profile look for your business.

Beautiful, Durable, weather-resistant channel letter signs are manufactured with aluminum backing and typically acrylic faces with LED lighting installed within each letter. Letter style or “type face” is reflective of your business’ signature style, shape, and colors. Logos or visual elements can be included as additional channel lighted elements or added to your sign with printed vinyl components. .

Installed as exterior signage on your building, channel letter signs create a high-profile identity for your business. And since letters are individually illuminated from within with colorful neon or LED lighting, your sign works for you day and night. As an option, your channel letter sign may be back-lit with the lighting reflected off the building behind each letter for a dramatic and elegant effect. In fact, illumination with both front lighting and back-lit effects creates an even more distinctive effect for your outdoor building signs. Titan Sign Company also saves your business costs with energy-efficient additions to your channel letter signs. Installation of a photo cell automatically turns your lighted sign on at dusk to save you from having to remember to turn it on or off. And a high power factor transformer reduces electric use by as much as 50%.

Channel letter signs are ideal for commercial buildings and institutions and light up your location from high above street level. Channel letters are also popular for outdoor store fronts, providing street illumination and allowing your customers to easily locate you. In addition, channel letters are a popular sign style for indoor mall store fronts to promote the store location and draw customer attention.

Let a Titan Sign Company sales representative show you how channel letter signs will work hard for your business.

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