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Cathy Song / Founder

Cathy Song is the founder and CEO of Titan Sign Company LLC, a firm that helps businesses communicate their marketing and branding ideas through design, art and signage.

Graduating top of her class with a 4.0 GPA from The University of Texas at Austin, Cathy also speaks 4 languages: English, Korean, Spanish and Japanese.

Cathy has always been an artist at heart, winning numerous art awards throughout her schooling.  In high school, she won 1st place and had her art displayed at the art gallery at the University of Texas.

In addition to creating beautiful design and signs, Cathy has traveled all over the world leading groups on mission trips to  Uganda, Mexico, Guatemala, Korea & China.  Cathy has been volunteering at homeless shelters and has been leading fun events at retirement homes for many years.

One of Cathy’s favorite hobbies is to rock-climb.